We work in partnership with industry suppliers to improve existing materials and develop new products and ideas for packaging Australian products for local and export markets.

MarquipWardUnited 1650 mm Econ Sheeter Install Timelapse

KBA RA106 Install Timelapse

Research & Development


We work in partnership with industry suppliers to improve existing materials and develop new products and ideas for packaging Australian products for local and export markets. Our ongoing commitment to research and development in the area of structural design has notably paid dividends for our clients in the seafood export, food and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets where we continue to work with the industry professionals to enhance the efficiency and viability of packaging for local and overseas markets.

CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing Technology


With over 15 years structural design experience, the CAD team works closely with leading advertising agencies, design companies and commercial organisations to develop and trial new products for market, both here in Australia and overseas. Our CAM technology assists our clients to create precise, detailed packaging samples and point-of-sale designs to suit individual products. We work with our clients to devise the perfect solution for their individual needs, producing samples for testing before the final product is made. This ensures that we create the best possible outcome, adding true value to their packaging. Our experienced team has both the knowledge and expertise to advise on the best choice of stock and structure for your niche product, from frozen goods to cosmetics. Every finished packaging design will achieve optimum strength, durability and visual appeal in the most economical way giving you true value for money.



We believe in producing packaging of a premium standard, which in turn ensures that we achieve client satisfaction. We endeavor to maintain our reputation through a process of continuous improvement in areas such as quality of service, production methods and procedures, technological developments and client feedback. Our modern 6-colour, double coating KBA printing press allows us to print up to 6 colours in one pass whilst also applying aqueous coating and UV coating guaranteeing print quality to a premium standard, which we believe has become the benchmark for the packaging industry throughout Australia.

JayPak maintains close control over every manufacturing process as the key stages of production are operated in-house. From initial concept through to finished product our professional staff ensure that a consistency of quality is achieved, time after time. By effectively utilising our advanced technology and expertise, this is what sets us apart from other folding cartons manufacturers. Our Optimus Management Information System (MIS) tracks a job from its inception through to estimation, production and onwards through to vendor management of our customers packaging requirements. The information it provides allows individual orders to be accurately tracked through each manufacturing process, providing clients with up to date information on its progress and also providing accurate finished goods stock information.



Our local Bassendean Warehouse provides 1750 square metres of storage space. Individual raw materials and finished goods stock levels are all controlled through our Optimus MIS system. We operate a First In First Out (FIFO) system to ensure correct stock rotation while delivery of finished goods is controlled by a call-in system that allocates stock for delivery as soon as our customers advise of their required delivery dates ensuring accuracy of stock levels and delivery of the correct goods.