JayPak Cartons recognises that environmental responsibility is an integral part of business strategy. Recycling, minimising print waste and care for the environment are central to our operational policy.



The company is committed to:

  • Complying with environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice applicable to our activities
  • Preventing pollution by diligent management of our site activities
  • Working with our suppliers, and contractors to minimise potential impacts on the environment
  • This environmental policy is communicated, implemented and operated throughout the company.

Minimising Impact


At JayPak we are mindful of the environment. We limit our company’s potential impact upon the environment by complying with environmental legislation; through recycling of materials such as plastic, paper and printing plates and effective waste management procedures; production efficiency and environmentally conscious design.

We have a positive environmental approach, which includes the following initiatives:

  • Recycling as much reusable material as is possible
  • Maximising production efficiency to reduce material wastage and energy use
  • Designing products to have less environmental impact
  • Reducing the quantity of raw materials used in the production process, for example inks and alcohol consumption
  • Investment in water filtration technology, which reduces water use and limits chemical waste

Future Focus


JayPak has invested heavily in low impact, print technology, and will continue to invest in new technology to minimise our environmental impact. Thereby, establishing our company as a market leader in environmentally sustainable printing and production.